Best Insoles for Big Guys (Updated 2022)

Whether you enjoy regular daily activities like walking or running or generally being out and about shopping or sightseeing, the chances are that your feet might feel fatigued or sore during the day.

A pair of shoes plays a huge role in making you feel smart and fashionable, but your insoles will provide comfort, fitting, and a proper base.

Shoe-related problems are very common for heavy and big guys, but this can be solved using the best insoles for heavy guys.

High-quality insoles have several benefits for your feet, but they are mostly ignored. If you’re looking for great shock absorption and reduced fatigue, go for the best insoles.

However, choosing an insole for big guys that is good enough to bear big guys’ extra weight is not an easy task.

A good insole for heavy guys should withstand the weight and size of big guys so it won’t wear out easily. Therefore, when choosing a big guy’s insole, you need to be smart in the section.

In this guide, we will highlight the most comfortable insoles for heavy guys, along with everything you need to know about insoles.

Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief Orthotics InsolesMen’s 8 – 14View
Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic InsertsMen’s 10 – 11½ | Women’s 12 – 13½View
PowerStep Pinnacle Maxx InsolesMen’s 8 – 8½ | Women’s 10 – 10½View
Ninjas Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support InsertsMen’s 4 – 4½ | Women’s 6 – 6½View
Thin Arch Support Shoe Orthotic InsertsMen’s 5 – 6½ | Women’s 7 – 8½View

Best Insoles for Heavy Guys Reviews

Dr. Scholl’s Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics Insole

If you’re looking for a top-notch insole that comes with a weight rating, this is a good option. Dr. Scholl’s Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics Insole is specially designed for guys with at least 200 pounds of weight. If you’ve severe foot pain, arch pain, and back pain, these big guy insoles will offer the support you need to spend long hours without pain.

Dr. Scholl's Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics

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Dr. Scholl’s insoles are designed with the best technology and come with shock guard tech. This technology allows the insoles to distribute your body weight evenly, so no part of your foot feels overwhelmed.


  • Over 200 lbs weight capacity
  • Full-length insole
  • Shock guard tech


  • Full length cushioning
  • Reinforced arch support
  • Shock guard technology
  • All-day comfort
  • Money-back guarantee if not satisfied
  • Distribute weight evenly


  • They creak when you walk in them
  • Weak heel cushioning

Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts with Arch Support

The Physix Gear Sport Full-Length Orthotic Inserts are designed with comfort, practicality, durability, and safety in mind. If you’re a hard-surface walker, this is the product for you. It offers maximum arch support to boost the alignment of your leg and foot. It also reduces fatigue and discomfort.

Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts

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Pain and stress are some discomforts that can follow you for a long time. But with this handy insole, your feet will always be in a perfect position, and every time you run or jump, you’re guaranteed a perfect landing. Wearing shoes for a long time can leave your feet badly warmed up, but these insoles for big guys will never let you down.


  • EVA foam base material
  • Dual-layer foam
  • Full-length inserts
  • Red and black colors


  • High quality and durable material
  • Anti-odor fabric
  • Ultra-thin material
  • High arch support


Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx

The Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx comes with a Heel Secure Comfort System that offers total support to alleviate and prevent foot pain. It is built with an anti-microbial polyester material that guarantees durability and comfort. By buying this insole, your foot will receive great arch support along with maximum stability.

PowerStep Pinnacle Maxx Insoles

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This shock-absorbing insole has a deep heel cup that prevents any pain after long hours of strenuous activities. The variable cushioning technology and EVA foam base absorb shock effectively when walking or running.


  • EVA foam base
  • Anti-microbial polyester fabric
  • Full-length insoles


  • Double layer cushioning
  • Provides ankle and heel support
  • Offers maximum comfort
  • Minimal friction and heat
  • Available in different sizes


  • Some customers complain about its durability

Samurai Insoles Ninjas Arch Support Shoe Inserts

Are you looking for a shoe insert that addresses the root causes of painful and tired feet? Look no further!

Ninjas Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Shoe Inserts

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The Samurai Insoles Ninjas Arch Support Shoe Inserts are designed to offer your feet the necessary support needed for freedom from fatigue and soreness. These insoles have a slim and lightweight design that fits in your shoes easily. What’s more, these insoles are known to provide instant pain relief!


  • Slim and lightweight design
  • Arch support insoles


  • High quality and durable
  • Offers quick relief from heel pain and plantar fasciitis
  • Lightweight design and fitting


  • They may be a little thin for a wide foot

Thin Arch Support Shoe Orthotic Inserts

If you want to wear heels without causing any injury, go for the Thin Arch Support Shoe Orthotic Inserts. This shoe insole guarantees you maximum stability and support all day long. It comes with an effective cushioning technology that provides soft and comfortable walking on any surface.

Thin Arch Support Shoe Orthotic Inserts

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This insole has friction and heat-reducing technology that guarantees maximum comfort.  Additionally, it is made with high-quality anti-microbial fabric and is suitable for sports, casual, or business purposes.


  • Anti-microbial fabric
  • ¾ length shoe insert
  • Ultra-thin design


  • Offers sufficient arch support
  • Non-slip insole
  • Ultra-thin design
  • Perfect for any surface


  • Moderate cushioning
  • Expensive for some users

What is the Difference between an Insole and Orthotics?

Orthotics and insoles are usually interchanged and sometimes mistaken to be the same. Although both are shoe inserts and have therapeutic functions, they defer in various ways:

Best Insoles for Big Guys


Insoles: They offer short-term relief over the discomfort.

Orthotics: In most cases, they offer permanent relief from ankle/foot disorder.

Correctional Use

Insoles: They are not designed to correct foot disorders but cushion the discomfort they cause.

Orthotics: Used to rectify certain leg disorders and biomechanical foot while minimizing the risks of further injuries. They are known to reduce foot pain linked to arthritis, diabetes, plantar fasciitis, etc.


Insoles: They are genetically produced and aren’t customized.

Orthotics: Customized to satisfy the users’ demands and needs.


Insoles: An experienced shoemaker or cobbler can recommend them.

Orthotics: They are recommended by a podiatrist specializing in the treatment and diagnosis of the ankle, foot, and related issues.


Insoles: They are cheaper than orthotics.

Orthotics: They are usually expensive, high-quality, and durable because of the materials used.


Insoles: They are supposed to be changed at least every 6 months.

Orthotics: They are designed to be worn for at least 5 years.

Types of Insoles

Different shoe insoles come with different benefits and features. Before making a purchase, ensure you know the different types of insoles.

Arch Support Insoles

If you run or walk for long hours, you may experience difficulties in your arch; this is where the arch support insole comes in handy. This insole is designed to offer exclusive arch support with sufficient cushioning.

Orthotic Insoles

These insoles are designed to provide metatarsal support together with arch support. Using an orthotic insole, you’re guaranteed great foot alignment with superior comfort control when running or walking.

Gel Insoles

Gel insoles come with gel materials that offer superior comfort. They are very thick and soft. If you’re experiencing joint pain or feet pain, gel shoe insoles will be a good bet.

Trainer Insoles

These insoles are specially designed to suit athletes that want to improve their performance. They are designed to give you maximum support with their well built-in toe, heel, and arch design. Trainer insoles are convenient for intense and high-impact activities.

Heel Support Insoles

These insoles are designed in two unique types; the entire sole and partial heel cup. Heel insoles help alleviate heel stress, fill out a shoe, prevent slippage, and add comfort. However, the insert’s softness and thickness may vary to accommodate your shoe’s design.

Big Insoles Buying Guide

Although it seems like an easy task selecting a shoe insole, it can be challenging choosing an insole for big guys. For this reason, there are some key aspects to consider before making a purchase. Here are some top features to look for in your favorite insole for heavy guys.

Type of Feet

You need to be aware of your type of feet before adding a pair of insoles to the cart. For instance, if you’ve flat feet, look for an insole that can help correct or prevent over or under-pronation. If you have a high arch, look for an insole that will give you the right support all day long.

Your Activity

If you are in sports, look for trainer insoles that offer sufficient support at the foot area and the heels. If you spend long hours on your feet, go for the gel insoles. For those who spend most of the time sitting down, go for a pair of insoles that prioritize comfort.


Shoe insoles are made from various materials such as foam, leather, gel, and cork. Each material has its advantages and its drawbacks; the one you choose is mainly dependent on preference. However, you’ll need to buy one that is supportive and suitable for you and your medical condition.

Insole Size

Your favorite insole shouldn’t be smaller or larger than your shoe size. Go for a perfect-size insole that gives you the much-needed comfort and suits your shoe.


Ultimately, the shoe insole you choose is dependent on your budget. You can find a good insole at an affordable price. However, if you’re not operating on a budget, go for an insole that’s designed with high-quality materials and one that guarantees durability.


For maximum comfort while running or walking, a good shoe insole is a worthwhile addition. However, the best insole for heavy guys doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

The best insoles for heavy runners we’ve discussed here will help you in various ways without leaving a hole in your wallet. Good luck!

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